#WorldEmojiDay: Most popular emoji stories on My Salaam



Emojis, these little ubiquitous and cute characters have completely changed the way people around the world communicate. Today marks the fourth annual celebration of the pictographic language with World Emoji Day and we have decided to celebrate all the emojis on #WorldEmojiDay.

By the way, did you know that the most-used emoji on Facebook is the 'laugh cry' face. It's the most used on Twitter as well.

According to Facebook, more than five billion emojis are sent every day on Messenger and the second most used emoji is heart eyes.

Take a look at some of the emoji stories posted on My Salaam over the past many months.  

Have you seen the new Arab emojis?

UAE_Halla Walla app_Emoji

This is the story of two Dubai-based entrepreneurs who went ahead and developed Halla Walla, a collection of 200 ideograms playfully expressing everything from ‘shway shway’ to performing raqs sha’ar, the traditional hair dance. There’s a shawarma roll, a belly dancer, a flying slipper, text bubbles with words such as ‘mabrook’ (congratulations), ‘inshallah’ (God willing) and ‘habibi’ (beloved), and what is not an uncommon sight for the region’s residents, a pet tiger in a car.

 Meet the Muslim Girl campaigning for emojis with headscarves

Headscarves Emoji

 Image provided by Muslimgirl.net. Design by Aphelandra Messer


Fifteen-year-old Rayouf Alhumedhi, who wears hijab, realized that there were no emojis that looked like her when her friends created a WhatsApp group and titled it using emojis that best represented them. Taking matters into her own hands, Alhumedhi drafted a comprehensive proposal for her idea, explaining the history of the headscarf and making a case for why there need to be emojis of people donning headscarves.

Yes, we now have a "Haram" emoji

The story of “Muslim Emoji,” the first and only official Muslim Emoji Keyboard App for all your “halal” (or not) expressions.

Meet the developer who designed the Islamoji App

USA_Sakeena Rashid_Islamoji developer

An interview with Sakeena Rashid, who created Islamoji. Rashid is a realtor, publisher, and app developer from Ohio.



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