What makes this village mosque a new top attraction in Malaysia?

What makes this village mosque a new top attraction in Malaysia?

What makes this village mosque a new top attraction in Malaysia?
The Eight Dome Mosque in Kampung Lapan Kotak in Jerteh, Terengganu . BERNAMA photo


Going by its architecture, one would be forgiven for assuming that the Eight Dome Mosque is in Moscow. Indeed, the building has been dubbed the Russian mosque because of its resemblance to St Basil’s Cathedral. But this mosque, which stands in a paddy field, is the major public attraction of a Malaysian village.

The mosque was built in Kampung Lapan Kotak in Jerteh, Terengganu, at a cost of RM4 million ($953,981) and accommodates 500 people at a time. The funding for the mosque came from public donations, and according to Malaysian news agency Bernama, it recruited a fully local work force, architects included. 

Bernama also reported that the mosque’s unique architecture and colourful domes has attracted visitors non-stop since last year, when it was used for Aidilfitri prayers, citing Wan Ahmad Wan Yaacob, the moque’s deputy chairman and a muezzin at the previous village mosque for the past 30 years.

“There are those who come from the north of the country not only to see the mosque but also with the intention to pray in a mosque that resembles one of the most celebrated landmarks in Europe,” Wan Ahmad said. “The existence of this mosque has also popularised the name of the village.”

Eight dome mosque, Malaysia

Instagram picture.


The new mosque is meant to replace an older, wooden mosque. According to Wan Ahmad, the younger generation describes the mosque as a close combination of classical and contemporary design.

“As the mosque is now one of the landmarks of the village, the mosque management is planning to allocate a special corner to place information and materials displaying the ancient history of the old mosque,” he added. “There is a 50-year-old drum that is used to summon the villagers every prayer time which will also be displayed in that corner.”

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