Viral video: Imam leads prayer while deadly earthquake hits Indonesia


A video of an Indonesian imam praying in Bali as the devastating earthquake struck neighbouring Lombok on Sunday night has gone viral on social media.

The imam was praying at a mosque in Denpasar, the capital of the popular holiday destination, when the earthquake struck. The video footage shows the imam holding himself against the wall as the room shakes violently and most of the worshippers flee.

The death toll from the deadly 6.9 magnitude earthquake on the Indonesian island has risen to 347, according to news agencies. Viewers on social media are praising the imam for his unflinching faith in front of the shattering earthquake.

Indonesian scholar Yusuf Mansur who shared the clip on Instagram was quoted by AFP as saying, “I am crying … he did not even flinch, even though it is allowed to leave your prayer during an earthquake.”

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