Twitter slams Gucci for appropriating turbans and hijabs at Milan Fashion show

 Collage . Image: Reuters


Models presenting creation from the Gucci Autumn/Winter 2018 women collection during Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy February 21, 2018. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

Everyone’s talking about Gucci’s catwalk shows at the Milan Fashion Week. Models were seen carrying fake heads. One had a third eye on her forehead. A few Gucci “cyborgs” walked down the ramp carrying realistic-looking snakes and dragons. But it was the brand’s use of hijabs and turbans that drew the greatest admonition.

Twitter was flooded with comments and criticism directed at the brand’s use of the Sikh turban, which is worn for religious reasons, on non-Sikh models. Attention was also drawn to the fact that the majority of the models were white. Many have voiced their dismay at the use of hijabs as well.

Amaliah reporter Lamisa Khan believes that Gucci is deliberately courting controversy. “The turban look was an absolute mockery and [so was] the bindi. It doesn’t feel like it’s done by accident anymore; it’s as though they are doing it on purpose for attention,” The Huffington Post UK quoted Lamisa as saying. “Imagine growing up being mocked for wearing henna, a hijab, a turban or a bindi and then seeing it on a catwalk, considered to be fashionable, and its actual meaning and cultural importance neglected and side-lined for the purpose of aesthetic for that season.”

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