Top picks: For smarter smartphones

Top picks: For smarter smartphones

Top picks: For smarter smartphones

Balqis Lim

Image: New Straits Times

Eight cool techs to heighten your smartphone experience.


HTC RE lets you focus on the moment, not on your camera. You don’t have to fumble with switches as its grip sensor turns it on when picked up, and a single button takes photos with a tap, and videos, with a press.

A 146-degree wide-angle lens replaces the need for a viewfinder, and the waterproof (up to 3 metres) construction replaces the need for a case. Connect to your phone to manage and preview pictures, or to function as the viewfinder. Price: US$54.95 (RM217.68) at


The Levin 10 Port USB innovative retractable charge cable will free you from searching for cables. It can support up to 10 devices simultaneously; just pull out the built-in cable and immediately charge your device.

It has a Smart Charge feature which means the USB ports can automatically identify the voltage of different devices and provide the suitable amount of power to smartphones, tablets, music players, cameras, and more. Price: US$38.99 at


Keep yourself prepared for unfavourable weather with the Spigen universal waterproof pouch. It is IPX8 rated and can fit phones up to 15.2cm in length. The lightweight case comes with a clear surface that is touch-responsive and user-friendly locks that snap tightly shut to prevent water exposure. Price: US$7.99 at


These days, smartphones can also double up as a computer. The only problem is typing on the smartphone can be a challenge for those with bigger thumbs. For those who still prefer a physical keyboard, the 1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard features a tri-fold design that allows you to fold it into a pocket-sized device. The keyboard works for 64 hours on continuous use or 114 days in standby mode, and takes less than four hours to charge. Price: US$31.99 at


ENHANCE your smartphone photography with the Pictar Plus Camera Grip for iPhone. This ergonomic grip features wheels and buttons that, when paired with the accompanying app, give you greater control over your photography and lets you use your smartphone camera one-handed.

It has a shutter button, rotating zoom ring, and exposure control wheel just like a traditional DSLR. Price: US$109 at


Imagine millions of tiny suction cups at the back of your case providing grip to almost anything. The revolutionary anti-gravity phone case by Mega Tiny Corp magically sticks to surfaces such as mirrors, glass, tile, whiteboards, kitchen cabinets and more without that sticky feeling. Not just for YouTubers, it’s also perfect for when you’re cooking. Price: US$18.99 at



GET the most out of the dual lenses on your iPhone 7/8 Plus with the ShiftCam Camera Lens Case. With its rugged design, the case has six lenses that add new perspective to your iPhone photography.

You can quickly switch between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro using the built-in slide and snap mechanism. Unlike clip-on lenses, ShiftCam is always there when you need a shot, and it doesn’t fill your pockets with tiny glass. Price: US$99 at


THE Belkin RockStar is a new way to share and mix your music with friends. Simply plug the splitter into any device, which can connect up to five headphones, and start sharing. Since mixing and fade-ins are controlled by each connected device, the splitter allows you to mix songs effortlessly by plugging in another music player.

The Rockstar also has the ability to split speakers. This splitter makes an effective learning tool as up to five students can listen to the same audiobook or podcast at a time. Price: US$13.53 at

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