Top nine brunch spots in Singapore to kick start your weekend

Top nine brunch spots in Singapore to kick start your weekend

Top nine brunch spots in Singapore to kick start your weekend
Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Haraku Izakaya, Singapore

Harnoor Channi-Tiwary


Singapore loves a leisurely breakfast, but let’s face it: time is a precious commodity here, and weekday mornings are usually a rush to catch the train to work, the only indulgence being a hurried kopi at best accompanied by kaya toast and a soft-boiled egg. Is it a wonder, then, that a relaxed brunch is so often on the cards when the weekend arrives? Eating out and socialising are two things that everyone in Singapore loves to do, and brunch offers the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends over some scrumptious fare.

Brunch is no longer restricted to an all-day egg-and-waffle menu. Japanese, Sichuan, and other cuisines are joining in, offering a wide variety to choose from. Here are a few of our favourite joints, perfect for weekend brunches and more.


Singapore Eateries_The Bravery Cafe

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of The Bravery Cafe, Singapore


This Muslim-owned halal café ticks all the hipster boxes. It has no signboard, and you may have some trouble locating it. But once you do, it is difficult not to return. Be sure to try the superlative Bullseye Steak served with a sunny side up and grilled vegetables.

Meal for two: $30


Singapore Eateries_Paddington House of Pancakes

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Paddington House of Pancakes, Singapore


Pancakes are synonymous with brunch for many. If you’re one of them, head straight to Paddington House of Pancakes in City Square Mall. One visit may not be enough, though; you will need to return time and again to make a dent in their extensive menu of 100 savoury and sweet pancake stacks.  

Meal for two: $40


Singapore Eateries_Butter Studio

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Butter Studio, Singapore


This bakery/café is a dream come true for those with a sweet tooth. The recipes come from the repertoire of owner Shannon Lua’s grandmother and are drenched with love and flavour. Savoury selections are aplenty too, our favourite being Crabby Eggs Neptune: hollandaise-drenched crab cakes topped with oozing poached eggs.

Meal for two: $40


Singapore Eateries_Penny University

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Penny University, Singapore


Singapore Eateries_Penny University

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Penny University, Singapore


A favourite of residents on the East Coast, Penny University takes its coffee very seriously and sources beans from local artisanal roasters. Opening doors at 8:30 am, this is the perfect spot for early risers who can’t wait till 11 am to go have brunch.

Meal for two: $40


Singapore Eateries_Royz Et Vous

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Royz Et Vous, Singapore


This famous Muslim-owned café moved from its earlier location at Bali Lane to Telok Ayer recently, but its fans would follow it anywhere. The smoked duck is spectacular and begs to be paired with the unique halal wine on offer. Yes, they are one of the few places in the world where you can try wine that has been de-alcoholised through vacuum distillation.

Meal for two: $50


Singapore Eateries_Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro, Singapore


If you thought IKEA had the best Swedish meatballs in town, you are in for a surprise. The small but tasty menu at Fika is curated to offer Swedish dishes like Pytt i Panna, a comforting hash recipe. The whitewashed interiors are decidedly Scandinavian and offer a respite from the colourful neighbourhood of Mediterranean eateries.

Meal for two: $55


Singapore Eateries_Haraku Izakaya

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Haraku Izakaya, Singapore


This Japanese izakaya does extraordinary halal bites, coupled with the authenticity of a tatami seating area, no less. Go for the grilled meats, saba fish and udon noodles; they will not disappoint. The beverage menu offers only mocktails, each of which complements the Japanese flavours Haraku is renowned for.

Meal for two: $60


Singapore Eateries_Halia at Botanic Gardens

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Halia at Botanic Gardens, Singapore


Any brunch list in Singapore is incomplete without Halia, a gorgeous outdoor café hidden within the ginger garden of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Choose from their mouth-watering mains (we love the crab pasta) or keep it simple with the smashed avocado toast; it’s difficult to go wrong here.

Meal for two: $80


Hotels across the island put out impressive spreads on Sundays. Our top picks are AquaMarine at Marina Mandarin and Carousel at Royal Plaza.

Singapore Eateries_Aquamarine

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of AquaMarine at Marina Mandarin, Singapore


Singapore Eateries_Carousel at Royal Plaza

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of Carousel at Royal Plaza, Singapore


Both offer an extensive variety of dishes that will engage you for hours. Take your pick from a spread spanning Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, and Western cuisines. The food is fresh and ingredients carefully selected with strict quality control. Neither AquaMarine nor Carousel offer a specific brunch buffet, but the halal breakfast and lunch buffets more than make up for this. 

Meal for two: $150–160               

(All rates mentioned in Singapore Dollar)

(Writing by Harnoor Channi-Tiwary; Editing by Seban Scaria

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