Top Muslim-friendly New Year's Eve destinations

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Still haven’t finalised your NYE trip? These destinations still have Muslim-friendly hotel rooms available, so get booking!


This beautiful city is fast becoming a favourite amongst travellers looking for a quick and affordable break. Baku has a coastline along the Caspian Sea and is famed for its historical architecture, including the medieval walled old city, home to the 15th-century Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the 12th-century Maiden Tower.

Azerbaijan BakuBaku, Azerbaijan

Where to stay: Premier Hotel Baku

Muslim-friendly factors: The four-star hotel serves only halal food, and alcohol is not available on the premises.


Located in Antalya Province on the southern coast of Turkey, the Mediterranean city of Alanya has a population of less than 100,000, but it is quite a popular tourist spot thanks to the gorgeous climate, natural attractions and heritage.

Turkey AlanyaAlanya, Turkey

Where to stay: Wome Deluxe Hotel

Muslim-friendly factors: Located within Incekum Tabiat Park, this five-star resort includes indoor and outdoor swimming and sunbathing areas for ladies only as well as specific spa times for ladies or families. It also serves strictly halal food and operates a no-alcohol policy.


London is one of those cities that’s nearly always a sure-fire win for NYE. With plenty to do and see, not to mention the lure of the post-Christmas sales, London has it all for that quick city break. And what’s more, it has one of the most exciting halal-food scenes in Europe.

United Kingdom LondonLondon, United Kingdom

Where to stay: Docklands Lodge London

Muslim-friendly factors: All food served is halal, and alcohol isn’t available on the premises. However, it should be noted that there is no pool or spa.


Most travellers flock to Abu Dhabi or Dubai for a quick city break, but for something a little more scenic and tranquil, you could head to Ras Al-Khaimah in the Northern Emirates to enjoy everything from mountains to mangroves. And for those not keen on just lazing around, there are plenty of activities on offer, including zip-lining and water sports.

UAE Ras Al KhaimahRas Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Where to stay: Jannah Resort & Villas Ras El Khaimah

Muslim-friendly factors: The four-star resort operates a no-alcohol policy across the entire property, and of course, all food served is halal. Meanwhile, there’s an outdoor swimming pool available for ladies only (at selected hours), as well as private pool time for families.


The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is situated on the Miljacka river and surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. Often referred to as the “Jerusalem of Europe” due to its religious and cultural diversity, it is the only major city in Europe that features a mosque, Catholic church, Orthodox church and synagogue within the same neighbourhood.

Bosnia and Herzegovina SarajevoSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Where to stay: Malak Regency Hotel

Muslim-friendly factors: Featuring a sun terrace and views of the mountains, this five-star property offers an indoor swimming pool and spa areas available for either ladies only or individual families (check ahead for timings). Meanwhile, all food served is halal, and alcohol isn’t available on the premises.


The city centre is vibrant and exciting, but for some quality time, stay in one of the lesser-known districts. Suan Luang is home to the Suan Luang Rama IX Park, the largest green space in the city, which features various exhibitions as well as rare plant species, including lotuses and water lilies.

Thailand BangkokBangkok, Thailand

Where to stay: Al Meroz Hotel

Muslim-friendly factors: Situated opposite the Islamic Foundation of Thailand, the hotel is a four-star property ideal for families. All food served is halal, and alcohol isn’t available on the premises. However, it should be noted that all pool and fitness facilities are mixed.

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