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We’re more than halfway through Ramadan, and with endless iftar and suhoor gatherings, we’re quickly running out of things to wear. Luckily for us, our favourite ‘hijab-istas’ are inspiring our summer-ish Ramadan wardrobe, once again. Here are 10 fancy looks to choose from for your next gathering.



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The one trend that never really goes away, monochrome is making a big comeback this season. And it looks best when styled with patterns and colour blocking. Shahd Batal sported this Ramadan look recently and we’re all in for it.



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It may be Ramadan alright, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your sun-kissed summer glow. White combos are the best way to look healthy, heavenly, and pure. Wear it like Zaraazii did here.


Having trouble finding chic summer outfits that aren’t sleeveless? Well, the oldest trick in the book might come in handy. Salma Masrour’s latest Ramadan look, featuring a silk x lace abaya, is what we’re all about this summer. Transform your regular outfits into great Ramadan pieces by throwing on a chic, intricate abaya.


The top trend this season is asymmetry. From tops to skirts, asymmetrical cuts are everything right now. Venezuelan-Palestinian blogger Omaya Zein wore the perfect outfit for a fancy Ramadan suhoor.



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Thanks to the runways, we’re all ready to strap up for the summer. Corsets are considered one of this season’s biggest trends so make sure you’re seen wearing one, this Ramadan. Firaa Assagaf wore a ribbed top with a built-in waist corset, great for a casual suhoor with your friends.



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Nothing, and we repeat, nothing, beats a floral patterned bisht with popping colours and patterns. Up and coming Turkish blogger, Merve Akgun-Gunay, wore the most beautiful bisht we’ve seen and we think you should do the same.



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Get ready to steal the spotlight with sheen fabrics and metallics this Ramadan. Sheen abayas make a bold fashion statement and can be worn at fancy suhours and Ramadan tents. Aya Almassri sported a pastel coloured sheen abaya from that you can buy on MySalaam Marketplace.



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Neon is the colour we all love to hate. We buy everything in every possible fluorescent shade, only to regret it a few months later. Well, the future for neon this season is looking bright. Bring out your neons for the summer like Bayan Baaj from theveileddiaries did here.


Who set the dress code for Ramadan to be only abayas and bishts? Fatma Husam wore the most angelic Ramadan outfit we’ve seen, yet. Dresses and pleats for Ramadan? Yes, please.


Saving the best for last, always. We all have a pitch black abaya in the back of our closet, somewhere. Pair your black abaya with contrasting hues, an ornate top, and loose-fitting trousers for a perfect Ramadan outfit like Summer Albarcha did here.

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