Top marketing strategies used by modest-fashion brands

Top marketing strategies used by modest-fashion brands

Top marketing strategies used by modest-fashion brands


It goes without saying modest fashion is in vogue. After all, Muslim women consumers purchased as much as $44 billion worth of modest-fashion clothing last year, according to the “State of the Global Islamic Economy 2016/17” report. The market is set to grow even further, and companies are increasingly fine-tuning their marketing strategies to reach and retain customers.

Modanisa, HijUp and Haute Hijab are among the e-commerce modest-fashion companies which understand that their customers are not just buying products for the design and price but also the value that the products represent. Here are some of the branding techniques that have made these companies a success.


Building a community around the brand is essential to building loyalty. Most of the leading brands have found that content marketing is the driving force that creates a conversation rather than one-way communication. Connecting with customers directly via social media content, particularly via Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, is the starting point for building a community.


Influencer marketing focuses on using key leaders to drive a brand’s message to the larger market. For example, Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan and US-based Haute Hijab’s CEO Melanie Elturk are celebrities and popular names in the modest-fashion landscape. They post many pictures on Instagram which show products that their brands have to offer, thus reaching a wider audience than they would have through conventional advertising.


Content should be developed beyond the typical how-to-tutorials and fashion shows. A brand should always have a good understanding of the target market to get the content marketing mix right. Let’s take HijUp as an example.

Some of HijUp’s videos feature popular singers performing unplugged versions of their music while wearing clothes the brand sells online. At the end of the clip, a credit roll shows the HijUp clothing that the singer is wearing.

Another video series on its YouTube channel consists of short clips, TV drama-style, with a running theme of empowering Muslim women globally.


Joe Pulizzi, CEO of US-based Content Marketing Institute, says that the fashion industry is and will continue to be a strong player in the content marketing space. As fashion is a highly visible industry, knowing the “what” in your content marketing plan is as imperative as knowing the “why,” he said. “It is less about being everywhere and more about understanding why you are using a certain channel and committing to that channel consistently over time.”

[The information contained in this story was extracted from an article published in SalaamGateway.]