The 10 best foodie blogs to help you find halal restaurants

The 10 best foodie blogs to help you find halal restaurants

The 10 best foodie blogs to help you find halal restaurants
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The global halal food market is becoming popular. More and more brands will embrace halal food, and we’re seeing an increasing number of fast-food chains and restaurants offering halal meat options already.

But where should you be looking for them? Here are some of the world’s top halal food blogs you should start with.


Want to discover London’s best eats like a true local? Head over to Londonfoodee. The account, which boasts over 30,000 followers from all over the world, has us craving halal burgers already.


Koshari Street ???? A healthy pot of rice, pasta, lentils and chickpeas topped with zesty tomato sauce, caramelised onions and doqqa. ???? The tomato sauce was bland and they were out of lamb and beef so I had to get chicken. ???? Overall it was decent but I wouldn’t recommend it. It didn’t live up to the hype. ???‍???? #londonfoodee - - - #egyptianfood #egyptian #koshari #kosharistreet

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Izad Razi’s culinary journey around Asia will leave you hankering for a range of scrumptious food. From mouth-watering desserts to juicy steaks, The Halal Eater blog helps you locate the best halal food in Singapore, Korea, Bali and more.


HalalNYC may not have garnered a following on social media yet, but this New York City–based blog guarantees that everything they post is 100% halal and 100% delicious. And considering how huge the city’s food scene is, we need all the help we can get to find the right options.


Run by UK-based medical student Ayesha Razak, My Big Fat Halal Blog features everything from halal eating in London Town to DIY recipes and travel.


Heading to Canada? We’ve got you covered. Run by a team of five dedicated Canadian Muslims, the Halal Foodie blog and magazine is a one-stop shop to halal eating in the Great White North.


Thanks to this restaurant finder/digital magazine app, discovering halal ‘gems’ anywhere in the world has never been easier. This app offers its readers a chance to become reviewers, too. Know a good halal restaurant near you? Tell them about it.


Two hungry Bruneians are keeping a delicious food diary of their journey throughout London, Brunei, and the rest of the world. Makanindaberanti is your go-to guide, especially if you’re craving some spicy halal food.


Layla Hassanali, AKA Halal Girl About Town, is a London-based foodie who loves to eat. Her blog boasts over 5 million views and has gotten her featured on the BBC and by The Observer and The Guardian. Her blog features both a UK directory and an international directory, so feel free to scour your next destination on the list.


Don’t have a free minute to go halal snack shopping to fuel your boring desk days? No problem. Halal SnackBox is a US-based monthly-subscription snack box that helps you discover the best halal sweet and savoury snacks from all around the world, and it has them delivered right to your doorstep. We only wish it existed everywhere else.


Launched in 2004, Paris Halal has covered most of France’s best Muslim-friendly eats, and it continues to grow. It was the first directory of its kind to cover halal dining in Paris and its suburbs. Bon appetit!


Petites brochettes au calme #mashaallah #instahalal #ParisHalal

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