Summer style: Five fashionistas give us their tips for this season

Summer style: Five fashionistas give us their tips for this season

Summer style: Five fashionistas give us their tips for this season
Modanisa summer trends. Pic: Modanisa


If your wardrobe is looking a bit drab at the moment and in need of some serious sprucing up, then what better excuse than to splash out on some new summer pieces?

It can be challenging to find inspiration at times, especially when putting together modest-fashion ensembles, so we reached out to five modest-fashion experts from around the world to give us their picks for the coming month. The good news? There are plenty of trends to look out for this season.

The key is to mix and match, invest in items that won’t look odd in a couple of months and think about materials.

“As we love to layer, we recommend light fabrics, such as cottons and silks,” said Latifa Al Gurg of the label Twisted Roots. “Polyester plays a huge part in our closet too, but we mainly recommend that only for wide and flowy trousers or oversized shirts so there’s still room for air. For headscarves, the most practical fabric is silk modal as it breathes yet stays put through thick and thin.”

Linen is also a good choice, according to Boutique De Nana’s Yousra Elsadig: “We always recommend natural fabrics such as linen and cotton blends. They most likely have a very small carbon footprint [compared to] that of synthetic fabrics such as polyester.”

The most important thing, however, is to have fun with it. “Creating your own trend is always a winner,” Yousra continued. “It is all about finding the right balance between embracing a specific style so that a person looks more fashionable and not like they are going to fancy-dress party.”

Read on for what to buy this summer.


Latifa Al Gurg, Creative Director and founder of Dubai-based label Twisted Roots

Twisted Roots

Twisted Roots


“Blazers are definitely in this season, from casual to the more extravagant statement jacket. [Summer is also] the season for oversized shirts, oversized sleeves, practically oversized everything. Wear [a] silk shirt in the office and turn it into a night outfit by just adding a chunky necklace or a statement jacket on top.

“It’s also the season to wear your flowy maxi dresses and mix and match your scarves.”

Colours: “Pastels, whites and bold colours. Our collection is all about the shades of blue and white as it was inspired by the tiles and colours found in Park Guell, Barcelona. It’s a fresh colour to be wearing this summer.”

Havva Kahraman, Brand Manager at Turkish modest-fashion e-retailer Modanisa

“Summer trends at Modanisa means burkinis, shawls, tunics and dresses.”

Modanisa Summer Trends

Modanisa Summer Trends


Colours: “Modest-fashion labels such as Arzu Ergen, Refka, Muni Muni, and Tuva have opted for bright colours such as peach and pink alongside uplifting pastel shades and floral patterns. Whether you want to lounge or have a chic and classy look, there are also lots of monochrome coloured garments to choose from.”

Rahma Talwar, Indian modest-fashion blogger at

Blogger _ Rahma Talwar

Rahma Talwar, Indian Modest Fashion blogger at


“Structured cuts and designs from wide-leg bottoms and culottes to loosely structured jackets. Another trend is the cape, which adds an instant modest touch to any outfit.

“Belt Bags are back, and if you want to look like a fashion diva for your next event, this is your go-to item. Another item to add is the maxi dress; this effortless summer essential can be paired with sneakers and a denim jacket for a chic, casual look.

Colours: “Pastels are huge again this summer: candyfloss pinks, refreshing blues. Lavender is another colour that will dominate summer.”

Yousra Elsadig, Creative Director and CEO at the UK-based Boutique De Nana

Boutique De Nana

Boutique De Nana


“A lot of 90s styles are back: flowy floral dresses, oversized denim pieces, chequered shirts, and slogan T-shirts.

“[Mix it up with] deconstructed pieces from different fashion eras with contemporary references, oversized tops and bottoms, individually or paired. Fine floral patterns paired with bold pieces with some texture and dimension.”

Colours: “Bold colours such as reds, greens, pinks and blues mixed with softer pastel colours. It is always about finding the right balance.”

Mariam and Amna Al Mulla, founders of Emirati label The Orphic

The Orphic

The Orphic


“This summer’s trends are the wrapped skirt and shirt dress. Combine your shirt dress with your favourite belt bag and wedges.”

Colours: “Summer colours and sandy pinks, neutrals and metallic.”

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