Replace sharp suits with Hessa Falasi's 'power kaftan' this Ramadan

Replace sharp suits with Hessa Falasi's 'power kaftan' this Ramadan

Replace sharp suits with Hessa Falasi's 'power kaftan' this Ramadan
Disclaimer: Hessa Falasi


DUBAI:UAE-based designer Hessa Falasi is one of the Gulf’s most recognizable names in the world of high-end abayas and her Ramadan 2019 collection shows off the kaleidoscope of colors she has become famous for.

Falasi gives her abayas a modern twist in the latest collection that features shades of blue and even a 1980s-inspired power blazer-style jalabeya.

Launched in 2011 in Dubai, the brand quickly became synonymous with edgy but conservative style and fans flocked to Falasi’s boutique for her colorful take on the traditional abaya.

The designer’s latest Ramadan collection is no different and boasts a variety of cuts and colors, with some more daring than others.

A two-toned lilac and purple ensemble is particularly eye-catching and an elegant option for an evening suhoor gathering. The shimmering offering features a belted waist and short sleeves that are ideal for the hot summer months. The stiff fabric skims the body and offers up a decidedly more formal take on the usually flowy jalabeya.

The designer isn’t afraid of stiff, structured material and uses it to great effect in the latest line — with sheer, organza-like abayas floating gracefully over soft underlays in matching, and sometimes contrasting, colors.

One glitzy option is a netted black abaya scattered over with dashes of golden glitter. The abaya is paired with a creamy beige slip, making the outfit appropriate for early evening iftar gatherings and late-night suhoor events.

The most daring of Falasi’s latest line is undoubtedly a white 1980s-style power blazer that flows into a kaftan skirt.

The double-breasted upper half features striking gold accent buttons and razor-sharp lapels, while the free-flowing skirt features quirky tassels in an alternating white-and-gold color palette. This daring sartorial choice will set you apart from your fellow diners with its mix-and-match approach to style.

The collection isn’t based on a single theme or design element — indeed, you would be hard pressed to find a common thread between some of the ensembles — but that can be turned into a positive when there are so many events to attend this season. With Hessa Falasi’s Ramadan range, there is no shortage of stylish options to try.