Must-try Ramadan dishes from around the world

Must-try Ramadan dishes from around the world

Must-try Ramadan dishes from around the world
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Traditional Iftar dinner in Ramadan. Getty Images/Jasmin Merdan

If you’ve been lacking inspiration in the culinary department, then this is one for you.

Ramadan of course is a time for family gatherings, and iftar and suhour outings with friends. But if you’ve just had it with the usual buffets - or that bowl of lentil soup - fret not, as there are plenty of dishes that people in different corners of the world break fast to.

Here are some ideas for your next restaurant booking… or get adventurous, find the recipe online and try making it yourself!

1) Harira

Popular in? Morocco

This authentic Moroccan soup is made of tomato, lentils, and chickpeas, but has a protein kick, thanks to the inclusion of meat. You can use lamb, beef or chicken.

Find a recipe here

2) Kabsa

Popular in? Saudi Arabia (and Jordan!)

Rice (lots of it) and meat (lots of it). Like Joey from ‘Friends’ would say, what’s not to like?

Find a recipe here

3) Red Rice with Chicken

Popular in? Iraq

Also known as  'Timman Ahmar bil-Dijaj', this Iraqi dish is simple, made of chicken and rice, mixed with onions and tomato paste.

Find a recipe here

4) Vine Leaves

Popular in? Egypt

Okay, so vine leaves can be pretty much found everywhere around the Middle East, but for Egyptians, vine leaves – or Waraa Einab – is served warm along with other stuffed vegetables, together called mahshi.

Find a recipe here

5)  Arroz Caldo

Popular in? Philippines

This hearty dish made of chicken and rice is popular amongst fasters in the Philippines. 

"The contents of my typical iftar meal are a glass of unlimited drinking water, Arroz Caldo, hard boiled eggs , fried dried anchovies, and toast. Best enjoyed with family,” says Buzzfeed contributor fil3.

Find a recipe here

6)  Chakcouka

Popular in? Algeria

This breakfast staple comprises eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers and onions.

Find a recipe here

7)  Künefe

Popular in? Turkey

If you’re based in the Middle East, you’ll definitely be no stranger to kunefe or konafa or kounafeh - the variations are endless…  in the Turkish version, a semi-soft cheese such as Urfa peyniri or Hatay peyniri is used in the filling.

Find a recipe here

8) Harees

Popular in? United Arab Emirates

This traditional dish is made up of meat and wheat, and commonly served during Ramadan and Eid.

Find a recipe here

9)  Dahi Baray

Popular in? India

Also known as Dahi Vada, this popular South Indian dish consists of soaking vadas (fried flour balls) in thick dahi (yogurt).

Find a recipe here

10)  Jollof Rice and Chicken

Popular in? Nigeria

Very easy to prepare, this one-pot spicy dish is just chicken and rice cooked in tomato sauce and broth. Happy days.

Find a recipe here

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