Meet the top 8 Saudi vloggers who made YouTube their career


YouTube, the world’s biggest video-sharing website, is certainly gathering pace in the region. Not only are we seeing more local channels and creators emerging, but the company itself is stepping up its presence for vloggers with the launch of the MENA region’s very first “YouTube Space” at Dubai Studio City. Set to launch in the coming months, this incubator will offer tools and guidance to help creators from all over the GCC and the rest of the Middle East to up their content game.

And in case you didn’t know already, a successful vlogging (aka “video blogging”) career is big business. Brand endorsements and collaborations aside, YouTubers with a large following can make quite a decent monthly income through streaming alone.

We decided to check out just who is making waves in the region, and turned first to Saudi Arabia. Excluding media outlets and other branded channels and based on social media analytics, here are the eight most popular Saudi channels on YouTube right now. Note that these aren’t listed in order of subscriber numbers but in order of how much influence they really have.

1. Mmoshaya

With nearly 2.5 million subscribers at the time of publishing, Mohamed Moshaya is leading the pack in the Kingdom. In fact, he is only second behind the official YouTube page of one of the biggest TV channels in the region, Rotana.

Going from full-time employee to full-time vlogger, the Saudi Internet star has made a name for himself with videos of everyday life with his kids.

In an interview with MySalaam earlier this year, Mohamed revealed that involving his family has been key to achieving success with his content.

“People are naturally attracted to families,” he said. “Through our videos, followers get a glimpse of how a family is living in Saudi Arabia and what they do on their travels.”

A vlogger since 2010, Mohamed is proof that success doesn’t come overnight. But perseverance has paid off. According to social media analytics site Social Blade, Mohamed’s estimated monthly YouTube earnings is in the range of $30,600 to $489,200.

2. Fehan

In second place with half a million subscribers is Fehan (better known by his YouTube handle فيحان والمضيوم), who focuses his content on day-to-day life in Saudi Arabia. He also features a lot of his family.

Fehan makes an estimated $7,800 to $124,700 per month.

3. Dyler | دايلر

Probably the “heartthrob” of this list, Saudi vlogger Dyler focuses on videos of his travels and daily antics. He’s your typical teen vlogger, and there’s no doubt his young fanbase of nearly 900,000 subscribers laps it all up.

His channel brings in approximately $5,800 to $92,800 per month.

4. TheSaudiReporters

Although their subscriber numbers are higher than the top three Saudi YouTubers mentioned above, TheSaudiReporters only make it to number four in our list based on their social influence scores.

Currently at 2.8 million subs, the twosome behind the channel are twin brothers Abdulla and Abdulaziz, who created it to produce content aimed at younger viewers through sketches and vlogs that promote good values.

Their monthly earnings are estimated to be between $4,600 and $74,100.

5. Saudi Gamer

The title of this channel is pretty self-explanatory; it’s all about gaming. The two blokes behind it are Mashhour and Ali, and they have the task of reviewing video games: lots of them.

Having started in 2009, the channel has now reached over 2 million subscribers, with each video clocking an average of 500,000 views. As a result, Saudi Gamer’s estimated monthly income is $3,800 to $60,600.

6. Saud Channel

Despite only joining last year, Saud Alhomud has quickly climbed up the ranks and now has over 600,000 subscribers. Similar in style to Mmoshaya, Saud documents his travels and everyday situations with family members, amongst other activities.

It is estimated that his channel fetches between $5,500 and $88,100 per month.

7. DramaQueen أسرار

The only woman in this list, Asrar has been able to garner a steady following online over the past five years, with her subscribers now in the 700,000 range.

The vlogger (who doesn’t show her full face in her videos) focuses on recipes, funny experiments (like mixing slime with foam or playing around with liquid gallium), as well as videos with her brothers. She has another channel as well, called Drama Beauty, where she focuses on makeup and fashion.

Her monthly earnings? $2,500 to $40,100.

8. Spooki

And finally, rounding up our list is Spooki, who has over 1.5 million subscribers. And with this channel it seems that anything goes; he just posts what he likes! Be it comedy, meeting with friends, or trying out gadgets, his fans keep on returning for more content.

His efforts make him between $2,800 and $44,000 per month.

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