Marketers, take note! Facebook usage is set to skyrocket this Ramadan



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Here’s some good news for startups and businesses during Ramadan: social media usage and user behavior will change considerably during the Holy Month, offering a great opportunity for them to increase engagement with potential consumers. 

Facebook users in the Middle East will spend an extra 57 million hours on the social media platform during Ramadan, and usage during the Holy Month is expected to rise by five per cent, according to latest data released by Facebook IQ. 

In a sense, Ramadan is growing. Instead of lasting a single month, the conversation on Ramadan lasts for nine weeks on Facebook. It has been found that a lot of this usage is at night, and the largest relative increase in time spent is at 3 am.

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Facebook’s sister platform Instagram also sees a higher concentration of conversation around the Holy Month. If Facebook is often about the more practical aspects of the Holy Month, like advice and offers, Instagram sees a higher concentration of conversation about Ramadan fashion, cooking, recipe ideas, cars and home.

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So what are people spending money on?

Seventy-six per cent of people surveyed in the UAE plan to buy more clothes, with 47 per cent of the people surveyed planning to do so in the month before Ramadan.

Instagram can also influence the spending on gifts. Sixty-nine per cent of people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia say they rely on Instagram for gift ideas, while 70 per cent of people in the UAE depend on Facebook for gifts.

Come Ramadan, Iftar and Suhoor will be major moments of social connection. And according to Facebook IQ, there is a 25 per cent increase in conversations about cooking in the UAE during Ramadan compared to the months before and after.

One new trend that appears to be on the increase is iftar food delivery. While 76 per cent of people talking about Iftar food delivery are male, at 55 per cent, women are more likely to talk about healthy options.

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