Here's what Saudi's new Global Business School will look like

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Global Business School, Jeddah. Renderings from Benoy


Design firm Benoy has revealed renderings of the Global Business School in Jeddah.

The new business school, which will have students from the kingdom as well as internationally, is expected to open in 2020 and will operate in collaboration with the UK's Imperial College Business School, US-based Harvard Law School and Cornell University.

Spread over an area of 31,336 sq m in total, the Global Business School will provide the core academic, executive education, administrative and faculty facilities over six levels, the design firm said in its website.

Global Business School, Jeddah



“Benoy’s design evokes the open character of the faculty and supports gender and cultural equality with no hierarchy or physical boundaries. The Global Business School has brought world's top universities to the door steps of the Kingdom and is making a contribution towards Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia," Saudi Gazette quoted Engr. Sobhi Batterjee, Chairman of GBS as saying.

The larger South wing, will house a gym, sports arena, auditorium, knowledge centre and student dining halls, supporting the core academic and executive accommodation.

The North wing, with the smaller footprint and its own distinctive form, will house the innovation centre, faculty offices and teaching accommodation.

Global Business School, Jeddah

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Global Business School, Jeddah

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