Five travel vloggers you need to follow

Five travel vloggers you need to follow

Five travel vloggers you need to follow

If you can’t book a ticket and make a trip yourself, you can still experience the world vicariously through the scores of travel vloggers on YouTube.

But with so many to choose from, who should we be following and why? Here are five of our favourites.


Dubai-based Hayla Ghazal is a 20-year-old Syrian university student and the name behind the highly successful YouTube channel HaylaTV. While she’s primarily a lifestyle and comedy vlogger, Hayla also vlogs about her trips to countries like Japan, the United States and Italy.

Hayla Ghazal 2

Hayla Ghazal, lifestyle and comedy vlogger based in Dubai

Her destination videos, usually presented in diary format, are a collection of several shorter videos put into chronological order, much like a better quality Snapchat story. She also vlogs about the practical aspects of travel, like what she packs in her plane carry-on, and she helps followers with tips and advice.

Hayla Ghazal 1

Hayla Ghazal also vlogs about her trips abroad

People love her; she has almost 1.7m subscribers on YouTube, and her videos average an impressive 1 million viewers each. She also enjoys a healthy social media following, with over 776,000 followers on Instagram alone.


Taim Al Falasi 3

Taim Al Falasi shares her adventures at home in Dubai and overseas

Emirati Taim Al Falasi runs this successful eponymous YouTube channel, taking viewers to places like Switzerland, Portugal, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey. Her videos show amazing hotels and boutique shops, plus a wide array of international cuisine. Taim also vlogs about Dubai, showing a different side to her hometown than the glitzy skylines and luxury hotels that we usually associate the city with.

Taim Al Falasi 2

Taim currently has 427,579 subscribers on YouTube and her videos average around 200,000 views each. She’s currently conquering Instagram too, with an impressive 2.1 million followers.


Alkhattaf Sisters 1

Kuwaiti Alkhattaf sisters vlogs about their global adventures

Hessa and Lulwa Al Khattaf are the faces of Alkhattaf Sisters on YouTube, where they vlog about their global adventures. Their videos are fun, with great graphics, funky music and a good dose of humour. They also post tip-based videos, such as how to pack for trips.

Alkhattaf Sisters 2

Alkhattaf Sisters adds funky music and good humour in their vlogs

The Kuwait-based duo currently has 401,555 subscribers on YouTube and their videos garner hundreds of thousands of views on average. Their separate Instagram accounts also have hundreds of thousands of followers.


Dina Torkia is a UK-based Egyptian lifestyle vlogger who also covers travel. The twenty-something fashionista vlogs in English and has more than 477,000 subscribers on her eponymous YouTube channel, where she documents short getaways to London or longer holidays to places like Istanbul.

Dina Torkia

UK-based Dina Torkia fuses fashion and travel in her vlogs

Dina’s videos are slick and polished, with great soundtracks and fun clips. The holiday lookbooks are particularly popular, garnering more than 200,000 views each. In these, Dina walks the streets of each destination and shows off her latest outfits. Dina also has a popular Instagram account with a million followers, as well as more than 250,500 likes on Facebook.


Fly with Haifa 2

Middle Eastern Haifa Beseisso vlogs her globe-trotting adventures

Haifa Beseisso describes herself as a girl from the Middle East who loves to travel, talk and discover the world in her own way, and it seems that her followers—all 117,209 of them—love her for it.

Haifa, who joined YouTube in March 2014, takes us along for the ride as she completes adventure-junkie activities, such as riding the world’s fastest zip-line, or as she relaxes in dreamy locations like the Maldives. The 25-year-old also covers light-hearted topics such as what’s in her backpack and things to do while on board a plane. Her videos are highly engaging, and we especially like her playful use of emoticons. Haifa also has popular social media accounts; her Instagram account alone has 67.3k followers.

Fly with Haifa 1

A message from Haifa under the sea!