Dressing for iftar? This is what's trending in modest wear.

 Image: Barcha, Paris.



With Ramadan in full swing, social calendars are filled with iftar gatherings. It also means that you now have to decide what’s okay to wear in a month when fashion is not the foremost thing in our minds. If you want to be comfortable, modest and well turned out but haven’t had the time to check out the sartorial trends for this season, here is a bit of inspiration.


The trend this year seems to be statement sleeves on abayas. The hashtags #Ramadanfashion and #Ramadanoutfit on Instagram, that source of endless fashion and styling inspiration, will give you a lot of useful hits.

Ramadan _ Modest wear

 Image: Barcha, Paris.



According to Iman Mestaoui, owner of the French modest-fashion label Barcha, “The new iftar trend in Paris is the Abaya.” She has launched a line of abayas for Ramadan, including a black abaya that has delicate embroidery on the exaggerated sleeves.


She explains that a plain black one is suitable for Tarawih.  “Embroidered or even with some colours and patterns work too. This is what we sell the most during this period. It is easy to wear because you can take it off if you are too hot.”


Over in Scandinavia, according to modest-fashion and turban designer Iman Aldebe, most Muslim women choose to wear long dresses and skirts. The main priority, she says, is to have clothing that enables them to pray at the mosque as well as attend the iftar after prayers.


Personally, Aldebe prefers to wear a single colour: “I think it is very trendy and stands out more.” And, of course, she wears a turban to round off the look.

Sweden Iman Aldebe


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