Body care 101: How to make your skin and hair survive summer

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It’s the same story every year: just as summer wraps up, your skin and hair show signs of the heat. Dry, cracked skin and oily, sweaty hair are just the first signs of a spiral that can have damaging long-term effects on your body. We’ve put together five ways to keep your skin and hair protected through the hotter months.


It’s the golden rule of summer skin care, but how regularly do we really use and replenish our sunscreen? Hijabis don’t get off either; a headscarf doesn’t really shelter your face from the harmful rays of the sun. When oily-to-combination skin is exposed to the sun, it becomes hot, resulting in the overproduction of sebum, leading to shine, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, lack of radiance, and sometimes acne.

 “A specific skin care product that protects from UV rays as well as the immediate and long-term effects of higher temperatures on the skin is vital,” says Dr Sawsan Al Mulla, an independent dermatologist who consults with the French pharmaceutical company Bioderma. “SPF 50+ offers very high sun protection and is made up of mattifying powders that work to absorb excess oils and limit excess shine.”


Even when you are indoors, the heat can dehydrate and crack your skin. Nesrine El Khouri, a regional trainer at Swiss luxury brand La Prairie, recommends a skincare routine that starts with cleansing. “Properly remove all pollutants and toxins from the surface, then apply an essence, which is a pre-serum. Follow it up with a serum, which not only protects the skin from dullness but also reduces the impact of the atmospheric pollutants.”


A facial spray is a quick way to hydrate the skin during the summer, and it also helps perk you up with a fresh feeling.

“It’s like a drink for your skin,” says Kunjal Shariffi of French organic beauty brand Melvita. “Rose floral water is one such product that regenerates your skin instantly and also has a delicate fragrance. … You can even use a product that offers a combination of water and oil to plump up the skin and give it an extra glow.”


While the rest of your body is covered, your hands can take the worst beating, as they are always exposed to the sun. Experts at US brand Jergens recommend upping your skincare game during the summer by using a hand cream that contains at least SPF 20 to protect against sunburn and dark spots. Your hands are often the place that displays the first signs of ageing, so you have more than one reason to keep them soft and youthful.


Summers are especially harsh for hair, as it becomes dry and frizzy due to sweat. Neha Shariffi at Phyto Haircare recommends, “While the hijab protects your hair from harmful UV rays, the fact that it is constantly tied up can cause your scalp to get sweaty and your hair to get oily. Wash your hair frequently with a super mild and natural shampoo. Natural shampoos help nurture and moisturise your locks. Follow this up with a mask to seal the goodness in.”

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