Blogger's Punish a Muslim Day suggestion triggers tweetstorm

Dina Tokio. Cropped from original. Twitter/@dinatokio

Twitter has not taken well to Dina Tokio’s advice to hijabis during Punish a Muslim Day.

Reacting to the hate campaign set to take place on April 3rd, the popular UK blogger suggested that Muslim women might consider swapping the hijab with a beanie, immediately prompting a mixed response on the social media platform.

Last month, counter-terrorism police in the UK started a probe after people across several communities in Britain reported receiving a shocking letter advocating violence against Muslims on April 3rd. The letters award arbitrary points to a series of hate crimes against Muslims, with higher points awarded to more violent acts.

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“Tomorrow is April 3rd guys … all Muslims be extra cautious. To my hijabi sisters, if you’re out and about tomorrow maybe think about swapping your scarf for a beanie or something. We have to be extra careful. Remind your friends and family. Stay safe,” Dina tweeted yesterday.

Many on Twitter rejected her advice, saying that a hijab is completely different from a beanie.

Dina has more than one million followers on Instagram and more than 700,000 subscribers on YouTube. She became popular thanks to a Facebook page in her college days where she posted photos of herself modelling self-made clothes.

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