Being spiritual through your phone: 5 apps you need to download this Ramadan

Being spiritual through your phone: 5 apps you need to download this Ramadan

Being spiritual through your phone: 5 apps you need to download this Ramadan
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It’s that joyful time of the year again; the Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us. Almost two billion Muslims around the world are preparing for a month of fasting, spiritual blessings as well as social gatherings and family reunions.

But in addition to the regular things like stocking up on food essentials and decorating streets and mosques, tech-savvy Muslims can also use their smartphones to get the most out of this month.

There are thousands of Islamic apps to help with Quran recitation and explanations, prayer times, zakat, and organising the day for various Islamic rituals. Here’s our selection of the most useful smartphone apps to download this Ramadan.


With millions of downloads as well as positive reviews by users around the world, Muslim Pro is easily one of the most popular, all-inclusive mobile utilities for Muslim smartphone users.

The app features the full Quran in 16 languages along with Arabic scripts, phonetics, and audio recitations; a tool for fasting and prayer times; an athan (call to prayer) function; a Qibla locator; and a Hijri calendar.

The app has also been updated with a directory of mosques, including a world map that shows their locations as well as a guide to restaurants where you can find halal food.

It can be downloaded via Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play.


Available for both Android and iOS devices, Quran Majeed is a Quran reader and recitation app that features 45 different language translations, plus four English translations and a transliteration. These are also available in audio to help non-Arabic-speaking Muslims correctly pronounce Quran verses. It includes multiple Arabic recitations by world-famous Quran reciters, and the translated versions can be displayed next to the original Arabic text.

The app is equipped with a Quran engagement meter, which becomes a particularly handy tool during Ramadan for helping users dedicate a fixed time slot in their daily routine to reading the Quran.


Athan is a dedicated prayer time and calendar app for smartphones. Users can get accurate prayer times anywhere around the world, hear audio alerts in the form of the athan for prayer calls, track the remaining time for each prayer, and even log their daily prayers in a prayer book.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices and comes with a home screen widget to keep track of daily prayers from your device’s home page. Athan also features an Islamic calendar with Hijri and Gregorian dates for all upcoming Islamic events as well as a Hijri–Gregorian date converter.

An online social community embedded within the app allows users to discuss religious issues with fellows Muslims around the globe.


Ramadan is a particularly popular time for Muslims to give to charities and make their zakat. Zakat Pro helps Muslims calculate their yearly zakat in their own currency, sends reminders of when their zakat is due, and saves records of their previous yearly zakat with backup copies saved in the cloud.

The app supports all categories of zakat, including cash, gold and silver, real estate, investments, agriculture and livestock. It works on both Android and iOS devices.


Ali and Sumaya is a series of interactive smartphone apps and books in English to teach young Muslim children about Islam. The Ramadan app is an interactive, rewards-based challenge that gives kids daily tasks to complete throughout the Holy Month and rewards them with stickers and stars for their daily achievements.

The app, which is available for both Android and iOS, starts with simple tasks, such as fasting for 30 minutes, and builds upon that to encourage them to read the Quran and pray.

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