Barbie wearing a hijab is a viral hit on Instagram



How often does simply dressing a doll in your style and posting its pictures on social media become a massive hit? That’s exactly what happened when Haneefa Adam, a 24-year-old hijabi in Nigeria, dressed up Barbie dolls in clothes she made.

Now her Instagram account @hijarbie is taking the social media site by storm. Her posts on Instagram went on viral in 2016 and so far @hijarbie has racked up more than 79,000 followers.

“I had not seen Barbie dressed in a hijab before, so I decided to open an Instagram account and dressed Barbie up in the clothes that I made. I thought it was really important for a doll to be dressed like how I would be,” CNN quoted Haneefa as saying.

Taking inspiration from the Barbie Style Instagram Page, Haneefa, who just finished a master’s degree in pharmacology in the UK, has made sure her Barbie dolls are modest and covered up, showcasing her faith and cultural identity.

“It has roots in my religion and cultural identity. The way Barbie dresses is very skimpy and different, and there’s nothing wrong with it. I just wanted to give another option for Muslim girls like me."

Part of Hijarbie's project is to celebrate hijab wearing exceptional Muslim women excelling in various fields!

Here's a post featuring Samah Safi Bayazid, a 28-year-old award winning filmmaker who lives the US.


Samah has combined her passion in faith with her talents in filmmaking to create many documentaries, short films, TV campaigns and Music videos. With her husband Director Muhammad Bayazid, they produced the first American drama series “Inspiration” that shows the morals of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through a dramatic plot. It went viral and got over 50 million views on social media and TV platforms.

Here's another one celebrating the Muslim womenn Ibtihaj Muhammad and Kariman Abduljadayel who participated at the Rio Olympics last year.


Ibtihaj was the poster girl for the hijab and the first American Muslim to compete at the Olympic games wearing a hijab. Covering her entire body and wearing a hijba, Kariman Abduljadayel from Saudi Arabia made history as the first Saudi woman to compete in the Olympics 100 meters.

It’s not the first time that Barbie has gotten a Muslim makeover. Back in 2009, toy manufacturer Mattel introduced dolls wearing the burqa, the traditional Islamic dress, as part of an exhibition celebrating the world’s most famous children’s toys 50th year celebrations.

Barbie was first launched in March 1959 by American businesswoman Ruth Handler, and the doll was joined by her long-term boyfriend Ken in 1961.



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