Astronomers reveal Ramadan 2019 dates

Astronomers reveal Ramadan 2019 dates

Astronomers reveal Ramadan 2019 dates
Credit: Getty Images/Nidal Naseralla


The International Astronomical Centre based in Abu Dhabi has predicted that Ramadan in 2019 will begin on Monday, May 6, in most Islamic nations.

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Mohamed Shawkat, director of the International Astronomical Centre, said that the crescent moon would be impossible to spot with the naked eye from the East, Southeast Asia, Southern Europe and most of the Arab nations on Sunday, May 5.

As it will only be possible to see the moon with a telescope that day, the first day of the holy month will fall on Monday, May 6, according to Shawkat.

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The job of officially calling the start as well as the end of Ramadan will be down to the Moon Sighting Committee. An official announcement from the Moon Sighting Committee is expected in the coming days.

While each country has its own committee to confirm the presence of the moon, Saudi Arabia leads the way in calling the start and end of the holy month. Traditionally, Oman's religious authority calls Ramadan independently of the rest of the GCC countries.

In 2018, Ramadan started a little later on May 17. Each year the dates shift back by roughly nine days, in line with the Hijri calendar.

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