Are UAE employers getting ready for a major hiring spree?

Are UAE employers getting ready for a major hiring spree?

Are UAE employers getting ready for a major hiring spree?
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There are many reasons why talented professionals should look to Dubai for their next break, but here’s a big one: if the results of a recent survey are any indication, more than three quarters (78 per cent) of UAE employers are planning to hire in the next three months, and 86 per cent are planning to hire in 2019.

According to’s Job Index Survey, more than 6 in 10 UAE employers who are planning to hire in the next three months expect to fill up to 10 different jobs with new recruits, while the remaining companies will hire to fill 11 to 20 jobs (6 per cent), 21 to 50 jobs (8 per cent) or more than 51 jobs (12 per cent). 

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The outlook also looks positive for job seekers across the broader Middle East and North Africa region, as 73 per cent of employers plan to onboard new hires over the next three months.

Back in the UAE, most of the companies said that they will be hiring junior executives followed by managers, senior executives and coordinators over the next three months. 

The job positions that employers in the UAE are hiring for include sales executives (30 per cent), accountants (29 per cent), and project managers (23 per cent), followed by sales managers (22 per cent) and finance analysts (20 per cent)

Here are some of the skill sets most sought after by UAE employers:

  • Good communication skills (in English and Arabic)
  • Good leadership skills
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • Good personal grooming
  • Good negotiation skills

Additionally, the candidate should be a team player as well as helpful and flexible.

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“Employment opportunities will most likely increase, and many will be geared towards the younger generation who are looking for entry-level positions,” said Suhail Masri, Vice President of Employer Solutions at “For them to increase their eligibility, young job seekers need to focus on fine-tuning their communication and leadership skills.”

So which sectors in the region could be hiring in the next three months? Based on industry-wide hiring potential, the automotive and real estate/construction/property development industries demonstrated the highest intention of hiring in the short term, at 84 per cent and 81 per cent respectively. Moreover, 76 per cent of MNCs as well as local SMEs plan to hire in three months.  


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