Are the new ads targeting Saudi women drivers too cheesy?

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Screen capture from 'Coca-Cola – Change Has A Taste' advertisement / Source: CocaCola Middle East YouTube channel

Following Saudi Arabia’s decision to lift a ban on Saudi women driving, brands have started to jump on the bandwagon, and the ads have started to roll in.

This month, Coca Cola Middle East released an ad featuring a Saudi father teaching his daughter how to drive. At first, she struggles to take control of the wheel, but thanks to an ice-cold drink on a hot summer’s day, she finally pulls through.

The video was launched under the hashtag #ChangeHasATaste. Watch it here:

The ad has received mixed reactions: some praised it, but others pointed out that such issues shouldn’t be used to promote products.



But Coca Cola wasn’t the first brand to come up with an ad that touches on the lift of the driving ban. Motoring companies were, of course, well ahead in congratulating Saudi women on the decision.

Here’s Ford’s post, for instance:


Nissan made reference to the year 2018 on a Saudi number plate:


While Jaguar seemed to suggest that makeup, perfume and sunglasses are the only things Saudi women carry in their handbags… *groan*


Cadillac did this:


And then there’s Volkswagen:

What do you make of it all? Is it okay for brands to reference the ban in their new ads targeting Saudi women? Leave us your comments below!

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