7 apps every Muslim needs when travelling

7 apps every Muslim needs when travelling

7 apps every Muslim needs when travelling
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Planning the perfect trip abroad can be stressful, but thankfully, technology has made sure that the Muslim traveller never has to worry about the little things, like finding out where to locate halal food, prayer times according to your holiday spot’s time zone, and even the correct Qibla direction.

Here, we take a look at seven essential apps that you need to download before going on vacation this summer.


Zabihah_mobile app interface

Image courtesy of Zabihah

Sure, there are a multitude of apps and websites that list halal restaurants, but few are as established as the 20-year-old US-based website Zabihah. Since its launch in 1998, the directory has transformed into the world’s largest guide for halal restaurants and products. They now also have apps suitable for both mobile platforms. Besides locating nearby halal restaurants, the app also features user reviews, so you’ll be able to quickly find out if an eatery is worth visiting or not.


Muslim Pro_mobile app interface

Image courtesy of Muslim Pro

A lot of hotels, especially in the West, do not add the Qibla direction on room ceilings. If that is the case in your room, Muslim Pro has you covered. Used by over 40 million Muslims in the world (according to the company), this apps provides several essential bits of information for the Muslim on the go, such as accurate prayer times, the Qibla direction and the locations of nearby mosques. You’ll know where to join the Jummah prayer or, if it is not possible to get to a mosque, which direction to pray in your room.


Image courtesy of Quran Companion

While travelling, it isn’t practical to walk around holding a Quran in hardback form, or in the current climate, on a plane. Quran Companion solves this by packing the entire Holy Quran on your phone with easy, interactive functions designed to help you memorise sections. This way, you can easily recite, memorise and read the Quran at home, in your hotel, on a plane or on the bus.


Islamic GPS_mobile app interface

Image courtesy of Islamic GPS

This is really cool. The first augmented-reality Islamic app, Islamic GPS helps you find mosques as well as other Islamic heritage sites in an interactive and engaging manner. All you have to do is hold up your phone, and the pointers will reveal everything about the place you are visiting. It’s kind of like a unique, Muslim-focused tour guide.


The Sira App_mobile app interface

Image courtesy of The Sira App

Want something to entertain the kids that’s also educational? Then look no further than The Sira App. This engaging cartoon application introduces the history of the beginnings of Islam and the different phases of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life through engaging and interactive story-like chapters. Throughout the stories, the app also teaches children about positive values such as honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness.


Scan Halal_mobile app interface

Image courtesy of Scan Halal

Heading to the supermarket? Not sure about a product? Scan Halal is the app to download. Designed to help Muslims find halal food items, it works by scanning the barcode of an item and looking it up on its extensive database. It can tell you whether a product is 100 per cent halal, might be halal, or is best avoided. It also advises on vegetarian and vegan options.


Islami mobile app interface

Image courtesy of Islami

Kind of an all-in-one offering, Islami includes some excellent features, such as Dua and Azkar (prayers to Allah), Islamic lessons by the world’s best-known imams, anasheed (religious chanting), Islamic radio, Islamic news and more.

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