18 inspiring black Muslim women you'll be hearing about

18 inspiring black Muslim women you'll be hearing about

18 inspiring black Muslim women you'll be hearing about


A collage of inspiring black Muslim women. Source: Instagram.

We’ve awaited the end of one of the longest January’s ever experienced and strolled into February happily ready to celebrate Black History Month in the United States. Black history has played a pivotal part in the creation and sustainment of the U.S. and is also ongoing, considering the current racial unrest of the country.

After the recent passing of what would have been the 23rd birthday of Trayvon Martin, a young American boy who was killed by anti-Black racism during Black History month six years ago, Muslim Girl would like to pay tribute to the pivotal and game-changing work being done by Black Muslim women against all odds.


This Black History Month, we are honoring the Black Muslim women across the globe who are making waves in their respective fields. They show us that there truly is no box to think outside of by being their authentic selves in abundance and opening doors for the women who will follow behind them.

Proving to those who seem to be politically allergic to melanin that those outdated stereotypes placed upon Black men and women must finally be put to rest. Proving, once again, that Black men and women are providing a meaningful contribution, culture and knowledge that everyone can benefit from.

Check out our list of 18 women to watch out for this Black History Month!

1) Rikki Knight

rikki knight
Rikki Knight. Image: @mendingmummy via

Rikki Knight is a women’s empowerment ambassador and author. Originally being published at just 7-years-old, Knight has gone onto host regular events centering on mental health, self-worth, body positivity and domestic violence. Knight specializes in support for mothers and regularly blogs providing support for women who need it. She published her second book “Who We Are” which encourages self-worth and acceptance among children. Knight is also the co-founder of Culturing Success and the #AFROHIJABI campaign.

2) Asmah Williams

asma williams
Asmah Williams. Image: @the.blackpepper via

Asmah Williams is making waves with her unique sense of fashion. Currently studying for a Masters in Digital Design, Williams, a freelance graphic artist and creative director, brings a traditional x minimalist approach to fashion, creating a theme of looks that are eye-catching yet simple.

3) Shazia Hossen

shazia hossen
Shazia Hossen. Image/ via

Shazia Hossen, a female, hijab-wearing personal trainer is Nike’s first UK hijabi ambassador. Hossen regularly holds women’s self-defense classes in and around London, as she believes every woman should have access to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

4) Zainab Hassan

zainab hassan
Zainab Hassan. Image: @zainabhassanxo via

Zainab Hassan is a makeup artist and model. With a focus on women of color and a motto of enhancing natural beauty rather than trying to change it, Hassan is a force within the makeup industry trying to make a change to the unattainable beauty ideals.

5) Ladan Takow

ladan takow
Ladan Takow. Image: via

Ladan Takow is a public speaker and human rights activist. With regular updates on her “Tea with Ladan,” segments she advocates for women’s and human rights. A barista by day and activist by night, Takow tackles newsworthy issues and reaches out to her young audience in a way to enable them to get involved in the discussions at hand and help make a difference.

6) Hodhen Liaden

hodhen liaden
Hodhen Liaden. Image: @hodhenliaden via

Hodhen Liaden is a makeup artist making a difference. In response to the increasing exclusion of Black women in the modest fashion industry, Liaden started the ‘Dark Skinned Hijabi’s’ platform. In doing so, she created a beautiful visual representation of dark-skinned Muslim women from all over the world.

7) Fatumina Abukar

fatumina abukar
Fatumina Abukar. Image: via

Fatumina Abukar is a multifaceted woman. Abukar has a PhD in Regenerative Medicine Bioprocessing and is currently working on Heart Cell Therapy at UCL. A “3 Minute Thesis” winner and finalist for both the WISE Rising Star awards and STEM awards, Abukar is also an avid Jazz singer, model and fashion stylist. Being the very meaning of “brains and beauty,” she consistently delivers and gives her very best at any task she puts to hand.

8) Hafsah Dabiri

hafsah dabiri
Hafsah Dabiri. Image: @hafsahdabiri via

Hafsah Dabiri is a presenter, researcher and creator. Dabiri started a campaign in retaliation to a hijab ban that was put in place at a UK primary school. Her campaign gained almost 20,000 signatures and helped put a stop to the hijab ban and maintain religious freedom in the United Kingdom.

9) Hoda Yusuf

hoda yusuf
Hoda Yusuf. Image: @blissfullsoul via

Hoda Yusuf is a public speaker and life coach. She recently published her self-help book called “Lifestyle Design.” She aims to help women set and maintain life goals. Many women who benefit from her work are mothers and women who have faced difficulties with mental health.

10) Najwa Umran
najwa umran
Najwa Umran. Image: @martymarts92 via

Najwa Umran is the founder of Female Muslim Creatives, which is a not-for-profit arts organization. She is also the producer of Black Listening Party, which is a quarterly event to celebrate Black British music and culture. She is also the founder of the hashtag #BlackMuslimahExcellence, which has now gained significant traction within the Black community.

11) Olly B

Olly B is a fitness enthusiast showcasing her journey into a healthy lifestyle. She provides fitness, nutritional and motivational support. This is especially important within the female Muslim community. Her constant encouragement and can do ethos has encouraged many women to make necessary and important changes.

12) Sagal Ibrahim
sagal shire
Sagal Ibrahim Shire. Image/ @sagaleeyaa via

Sagal Ibrahim Shire is a fashion blogger, social media influencer and new mother, who recently appeared in the Baby Bjorn #LoveManifesto. She is empowering mothers and providing a fantastic representation of Black Muslim women.

13) Neelam Hakeem
neelam hakeem
Neelam Hakeem. Image: @neelam_ via

Neelam Hakeem is a modest fashion influencer showcasing style. She has created a platform that inspires Muslim women of color garnering her an audience of over 40,000 people.  She recently released her spoken word piece titled “What Y’all Wanna Do,” in which she touches on the social and political injustices affecting the Black community in America as well as the brutal police killings of multiple Black women and men.

14) Funmi Abari
funmi abari
Funmi Abari. Image: @funmiabari via

Funmi Abari is the founder of the Empower Us Project. She started The Equal Empowerment Programme, a Gambian grass roots sub-mission to begin dismantling attitudes and behaviors that put local women and girls at risk. She helped the local young men and women re-define cultural norms and expectations exploring what it means to be men and women in the Gambian society. Her life aim is to aid in building resilient equal communities.

15) Aisha Morgan
aisha morgan
Aisha Morgan. Image: @kezcoo via

Aisha Morgan is a freelance writer, poet and creative. She regularly explores themes of Black history, identity and female empowerment. Morgan who was part of the #AFROHIJABI campaign has had her work exhibited in art galleries. The embodiment of elegance, Morgan exudes character as she explores her heritage and the lives of those from the Caribbean diaspora.

16) Ni’mah Yahya
nimah yahya
Ni'mah Yahya. Image: @nimtendo_x

Ni’mah Yahya is an all-round creative and curator of the MKTB (mak-toob) online publication. She openly discusses topics on her podcast series called MNTQ (mantuq), which gives a Muslimah’s voice to issues faced by men and women from all different religions and walks of life. Yahya is also a forward-thinking fashion icon symbolizing just how inspiring and empowering it is to be your true self.

17) Muna Ally
muna ally
Muna Ally. Image: @muna_ally via

Muna Ally is a documentary photographer as well as the founder of The Kanga Project. The project aims to help women in Zanzibar obtain usable clothing with a heartfelt and meaningful tale behind the ethos of the charity.

Ally creates a captivating representation of the work she does by photographing the women helped by the donations. Her platform houses stunningly candid portraits of the women and families your donations help.

18) Rhianna Beau
rhianna beau
Rhianna Beau. Image: @rhianna.beau via

Rhianna Beau is a writer, beauty blogger, model and co-founder of Culturing Success and the #AFROHIJABI campaign. She is an advocate for creative self-expression and cultural diversity. Beau has a keen interest in overhauling the old-fashioned, stereotypical and exclusive beauty ideals and regularly explores these ideas with her daughter creating eye-catching content.