10 Saudi apps you need to know about in 2019

10 Saudi apps you need to know about in 2019

10 Saudi apps you need to know about in 2019
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Saudi Arabia boasts one of the largest numbers of smartphone users in the MENA region, and the way consumers are downloading content, ordering food, booking trips, e-shopping, etc. is shaping businesses in the Kingdom more every day.

Apps are also immensely popular, with today’s revenue in the mobile application segment amounting to $13 million. This is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.7 per cent, reaching an estimated $17 million by 2023.

If you’re based in Saudi or travelling there soon, which apps should you download? We’ve rounded up the best that Google Play and Apple’s stores have to offer.


Saudi App _ Kollonna Amn

Kollonna Amn (Screen grab)


Translated as “we are all security”, Kollona Amn was launched by the Saudi Ministry of Interior to allow citizens and residents to become “citizen police” by enabling them to report privacy breaches, accidents, traffic violations etc.

You can upload video, image or audio files and monitor the status of your report. These reports are handled by around 39 operation centers across the country. For example, if you are a female driver harassed by a fellow driver, you can snap a picture of their car plate or the person and upload it through the app. The police usually responds within minutes.


Can’t be bothered to go out for your daily shopping? Avokado is a user-friendly fresh-fruit and vegetable app makes that offers farm-fresh quality across the Kingdom.

Choose between a Small 50 SAR or Big 100 SAR supply box full of goodies, or pay as you go for rare exotic produce such as dragon fruit.

What’s cool is that products are sourced from certified local and international farms and are super affordable compared to other apps in the same category. We tried it, and it delivers on the same day, as promised!


Saudi App_ GetMuv

GetMuv (Screen grab)


The brainchild of Ali Shenemer, a Bupa Arabia executive with a passion for health and wellness, GetMuv helps users book gym memberships as well as classes for sports such as taekwondo, archery, and horseback riding.


Saudi App _ Hislo

Hislo (Screen grab)


For the traveller who likes a bit of history in their trip, this content-rich app is amazing. It allows users to explore the Hijra, Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) migration route, while bringing “significant historical sites to life”. In the app, you’ll be able to see GPS coordinates along with a historical account, with pictures, of the migration, and you can even book an Uber within the app to get there.


With travel booming more than ever in the Kingdom, OYO is a very welcome addition to the app stores. The app allows you to book trusted and affordable rooms across seven cities in Saudi Arabia, giving travellers access to around 15,000 budget-friendly rooms.

It’s also a great app for middle-to-low-income umrah and haj pilgrims. OYO was launched in India and is currently backed by the Saudi Public Investment Fund. It recently signed an MoU with the Ministry of Haj and Umrah.


Are you a woman in Saudi who needs access to free legal information? KnowYourRight empowers women with the right knowledge to help them with legal matters relating to the family and to other regulatory rights.

It offers information on how to file a case as well as advice on how to file complaints regarding issues such as health rights violations by companies or universities.


Saudi App_Manasaqina

Manasaqina (Screen grab)


This incredibly useful tool helps users navigate offline maps, access prayer schedules, find the Qibla direction, locate masjids and more. It’s available in English and eight other languages.


Feed the less fortunate! This is a great guide to “open fridge” locations that help those in need access safe food that might otherwise not be available to them.

These fridges are run by FeedTheNeed KSA, and anyone can turn up to fill them up. Humans of FEED THE NEED is a page that shines a light on the stories of those who benefitted from this initiative.


Allowing users to filter by city, area, specialty and insurance coverage, Vezeeta is a painless way for patients to book doctors and for doctors and clinics to better manage their booking schedules.


Saudi App _ SWYFT

SWYFT (screen grab)


If you’re new in Saudi and still getting to grips with where to buy everyday things like lotion, diapers or even cutlery, then you need to download Swyft. The app delivers just about anything from nearby shops; all you have to do is list the item. You can even upload a picture of the item!

(Writing by Farhaa S Abdelhaq, editing by Seban Scaria

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