Rio 2016 Olympics quiz

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How much do you know about Rio Olympics? Find out in our quiz.

What is the name of this year’s Olympic mascot?

How many Muslim Olympians are officially competing at the Rio Olympics under their national flag?

She is the first American Muslim to compete at the Olympic Games wearing a hijab. Who are we talking about?

Name the Saudi sportswoman who will participate at the grueling 42 km Rio marathon race

UAE has claimed its second Olympic medal with Sergiu Toma winning bronze. In which sport did he compete?

Which event is not in the 2016 Summer Olympics?

This famous archer was a flag bearer at Rio and the first Iranian woman Olympian to do so. Who is she?

Which country was banned by the IOC in 2015, but its athletes are participating in Rio under the Oympic flag?

How many athletes from Syria are participating at the Rio Olympics?

This Somalia-born athlete is the most decorated person in British athletics history. Who is he?