• Break fast

    [Iftar ]

    The meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan.

    • Arabic: إفطار
  • God willing

    [In sha’ Allah ]

    Often used when one is planning to do something in the near future.

    • Arabic: إن شاء الله
  • Hajj garment

    [Ihram ]

    The ceremonially plain clothing worn by Muslims on pilgrimage in Makkah for Hajj.

    • Arabic: احرام
  • Lease, rent or wage


    The sale of a defined usufruct of any asset in exchange for defined compensation. In the context of Islamic finance, it refers to an arrangement under which one party leases equipment, buildings or other facilities to a client for an agreed rent. Synonym: isti’jar.

    • Arabic: إجارة
  • Manufacturing contract


    A type of sale, similar to salam, in which the price is paid to the manufacturer by the purchaser for specified goods that are subsequently manufactured and delivered on a stipulated date.

    • Arabic: استصناع
  • Submission to Allah


    The worship of Allah (God) alone. Islam is shahadah (testifying that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad [pbuh] is the Messenger of Allah); establishing salah (prescribed prayer); paying zakat (giving a portion of one's wealth to the needy); the sawm of Ramadan (fasting during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar); and Hajj (making a pilgrimage to the sacred precincts of Mecca once in a lifetime if one is able).

    • Arabic: إسلام