• Deposit in trust


    A widely applied term in fiqh that refers to anything in the safekeeping of another that must be guarded and preserved. One of two basic relationships toward property, entailing bearing the risk of its loss, the other being daman. Amana entails absence of liability for loss except in breach of duty. In some Islamic banks, current accounts are regarded as amana.

    • Arabic: أمانة
  • Fee


    Commission, fees or wages charged for services rendered or work done.

    • Arabic: أجر
  • Fruit farming partnership

    [‘aqd al musaqa]

    A type of partnership in which the owner of an orchard agrees to share a stipulated portion of the produce of the orchard's trees with a worker, in exchange for the latter's irrigation of the garden.

    • Arabic: عقد المساقاة
  • God

    [Allah ]

    An Arabic word for God

    • Arabic: الله
  • Imam

    [al Shafi`i]

    Muhammad bin Idris al Shafi`i

    • Joint hired worker

      [ajeer mushtarak]

      A worker, such as a tailor, who offers his services to many and thus may be contracted by several clients at once.

      • Arabic: أجير مشترك
    • Praise to Allah

      [Alhamdulillah ]

      Is an Arabic phrase meaning "Praise to God" or "All praise belongs to God

      • Arabic: الحمد لله
    • Private hired worker

      [ajeer khas]

      A hired worker contracted to perform a specific task in a specific amount of time by one party, such as a cook or a servant.

      • Arabic: أجير خاص
    • Robe type garment worn by Muslim women

      [Abaya ]

      A full-length cloak worn by Women in Islam

      • Arabic: العباءة
    • Unlawful acquisition of wealth

      [akl al batil]

      Qur'anic term used to describe the process of acquiring wealth illegally such as theft and fraud.

      • Arabic: أكل الباطل