• OCOO - Week of Beauty Gift Set
  • OCOO - Week of Beauty Gift Set
OCOO - Week of Beauty Gift SetOCOO - Week of Beauty Gift Set

OCOO - Week of Beauty Gift Set


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• A temptingly tasty premium product for radiantly beautiful skin and hair containing the world’s most powerful natural ingredients. 43 calories per bottle only, does not contain sugar.

The world ‘s first effective Beauty Drink, made in Germany of carefully selected red and blue beauty berries well known for their great beauty enhancing properties:

Pomegranate – thriving under the warm Middle Eastern sun this “Aphrodite’s Beauty Secret” has impressive anti- oxidative characteristics and contains fine vitamin blend.

Aça? – a unique berry from the Brazilian Amazon. It is reach in antioxidants, contains Omega fatty acids and anthocyanin.

Aronia – originally from northeast America, it is very reach in proanthocyanidin and anthocyanin. It has the highest Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity value of all Power Berries.

Cranberries – colorful, flavorful, powerful bodyguards for your skin helping to stop free radicals from attacking cell structures. These American berries are a particularly OC?O special ingredient.

Black Currants - contain highly effective secondary metabolites such as anthocyanins and avonoids, helping to bind free radicals and protect skin lipids from deteriorating.

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