• Ihram Wear For Ladies
Ihram Wear For Ladies

Ihram Wear For Ladies


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The Munawwarah Ladies Ihram is a classic and evergreen 2-piece design dating back to 1990.Tested and proven to be comfortable and versatile to be worn while performing ibadah. Features: * 70% cotton 30% polyester (less creasing) * Front zip * Elasticised cuffs * Large pockets * Long modest length - ideally worn mid-calf for comfort * Pants with elasticised waistband and comfy baggy cut * we recommend wearing a light tshirt on the inside to absorb sweat and avoid transparency.

  • Seasons:
  • Summer
  • Color: White, Black
  • Brand: Sri Munawwarah Design
  • Size(s): XS, S, M, L,XL,XXL
  • Item ID: IW090

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